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Software Localization

Localization is a process of translating and adapting source messages to the expectations of a target audience. It brings together contributions from different specialties: translators, technical specialists, software engineers, testers, terminologists, and QA engineers. offers an integrated service package. We provide such services as software and help localization, screen forms resizing, translation of user documentation and marketing materials, software adaptation to local requirements, localization testing, development of terminology dictionaries, as well as other services you may need.

Being a multilingual language vendor, has well-established quality control for all languages on offer. All translations are done in the target countries by native speaking professionals and then undergo linguistic and technical validation as well as terminological verification. The QA system is based on the principles of ISO 9001.

We can integrate our services directly into your development environment, so you will not need to freeze the code or content. Our customers find this to be highly convenient and fully transparent, with economic benefit measurable in faster time to market and greater return on investment. makes extensive use of leading computer-aided translation tools such as Trados and SDLX. We have relevant experience working with a variety of popular localization tools including Catalyst, Visual Studio, CodeWarrior and Visual Café.

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