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About us was established to provide high-quality localization solutions for customers world-wide.

We help clients to operate globally and release their products and content in a variety of languages, all the while adapting them to local cultural requirements. offers Integrated Globalization Services. By working with us customers are assured of fast time to market and enjoy the convenience of getting a full range of services from one provider. We offer consulting services with respect to globalization, multilingual translation, internationalization, software localization, and localization testing.

The company is located in St. Petersburg, Russia, where the local economy allows us to offer cost-effective solutions as well as access to highly educated professionals. With a population of 5 million, St Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia. The University has a long and distinguished history and there are also more than 40 other institutions of higher learning in the city as well as numerous research centers with specialists in all areas of science and the humanities.

All employees of have university degrees and at least 3 years of experience in the GILT industry.

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